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About Us

Being in the TV and Corporate Video business for more than 25 years learned us how to live up to professional standards. Everything we deliver to a network or corporate client is crafted with utmost dedication. Our standards are as high as yours, if not higher. Everything Sound & Vision that leaves our studio, makes us proud, even when done on a tiny budget. Even when time is not our friend. We adapt to the situation and produce the best possible, to fit our clients needs. And we never skip vital steps. To produce in the most efficient way, we invested is a ton of production plugins, mostly by Waves. We built Templates with empty tracks to use a kickstart for new projects. Mastering templates with pre-configured plugins that only need case by case minor tweaking.

Whether at 0 Db or conforming to EBU Loudness, Lufs and other standards. Besides working for clients, we produce music for the market. Either commercial music, library or royalty free music. Orchestral, Cinematic, Down Tempo Chill and Deep House. Hardcore and Techno not so much. That is all a matter of personal preference.

We work with the best freelance composers, producers, sound engineers, mixers and mastering engineers in the Netherlands, whom we’ve known for years and guarantee quality and timely delivery. And best of all, we work with affiliate studios so we can expand quickly if needed.


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