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Available on iTunes and Apple Music

willardj | 03/05/2018

The first 4 tracks of our upcoming album “I have something to tell you” are available on iTunes and Apple Music. Very soon on Spotify, Amazon and a whole bunch of other platforms.


Track no 7 released

willardj | 27/04/2018

Happy to inform you that we continue to build our first Album, I have something to tell you, right on schedule. Battlefield is the 7th track and is available in the album download. Please have a listen using the player below. Just click on the play button and then on […]


6th Track released

willardj | 20/04/2018

And again we can share that we have added a track to our album “I have something to tell you”. Porcelain is a more upbeat track with a narrative built from dialog from several very old Hollywood Blockbuster movies. Check it in the player below or here.


New track released

willardj | 18/04/2018

Today we finished “Going Deep”, the fifth track of our twelve track album “I Have Something To Tell You”. You can buy the album now, for a limited time, for only € 1.00. And when you subscribe to our newsletter after the purchase (ore before), you will get the remaining […]


New Website

willardj | 10/04/2018

Ok, here it is: our new website. Still under construction but nonetheless online. Right now we are mixing and mastering new songs for the album I have something to tell you, a deep chill album with vocal samples. The quality of some sample libraries is so great that we couldn’t […]

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